What we do

Circa's team of industry experts have the ideas, longtime supplier partner relationships, and market expertise to ensure outstanding experiences for conventions, conferences, meetings, and gatherings of any size.


Our destination experts offer you and your guests a variety of programs and activities that exceed all expectations. Working with our top local partners in every destination provides you and your event attendees with truly authentic experiences for the most memorable and impactful outcomes.

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We’ve earned a reputation for providing the most cohesive and fully orchestrated events, uniquely delivered through the close collaboration of our in-house service teams and supplier partners. We coordinate seamlessly with an array of specialized event experts, including visual designers, entertainment producers, technology specialists, caterers, floral designers, ice sculptors, carpenters, and other hospitality professionals.

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Transportation & Logistics

We have invaluable knowledge of our destinations – decades in the making – from traffic patterns and security, to venues and hotels, which help ensure groups arrive in style and depart delighted.  Whether you need buses for event transportation and tours, transfers, or ongoing shuttle services, we arrange fleets of clean, modern vehicles to transport guests to every event and venue, and we only use professional drivers to ensure arriving in style and convenience is part of every journey.

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Circa implements adventurous guest excursions, leads active sensory experiences that boost engagement, and helps everyone have some fun! We know that all great activities and tours are dependent upon detailed itineraries, interesting guides, excellent cuisine options, and so much more. We design and include interactive features in every program, so your guests can dine, move, create, compete, and play, all toward the goal of making the very best memories for each guest.

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Location is instrumental to an event’s success. Our team helps groups of 10 or 10,000 find the perfect venues for staging and hosting groups for unforgettable events. If a group wants to host an event at a rustic ranch, a private estate or a contemporary museum, or want to visit a craft brewery or a raved about restaurant, we’ve got it covered. Our dedicated team of experts commonly utilizes popular nightspots, historic venues, and non-traditional locations to make your guests’ experience enjoyable and memorable.

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Event signage is necessary to greet and guide guests in large groups and reinforces corporate branding and key messaging. Our team can design and produce a wide array of high-resolution branded signage with an in-house wide format high-resolution printing capability. This ability allows us to help our clients enhance programs and events, ensuring signage is produced and deployed appropriately.

Custom made marquee letters that reads Miami with pink neon lights inside


Remember every positive experience, with our professional photography and videography services that depict the highlights and spirit of your destination programs and events. Our company offers the advantage of our in-house creative team services, complemented by the talents of each destination’s best supplier partners. If you need to capture a moment or tell your story cinematically, we can produce the most memorable results.

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Unlike any other DMC in the US, we have temporary structures and mobile kitchen products that can be easily assembled virtually anywhere. Our team has been framing events with temporary services for more than three decades. So, whether it’s creating a completely new venue or food service environment or supplementing an existing one, Circa has the expertise, capabilities and extensive range of products ready for deployment. Wherever. Whenever. We’ve got it covered!

Shiny, stainless steel interior of a mobile kitchen unit